• Birgitta Dagnell Harrington – Former head of the Church of Scientology’s OSA for Europe. Her Testimony
  • Robert Dam
  • Robert Dardano – Former member of the Guardian Office
  • Caspar de Rijk – Former founder and director of Scientology Netherlands. Mutiny A Dutch Scientology Orginization
  • Suzette M. Dearing
  • Bill De Carle – Declared. His story
  • Laura DeCrescenzo
  • Ana Deatheridge – 13 years on staff in ACT and Sydney
  • Dean Detheridge – ED ACT. staff member for 20 years
  • Sue DeutscherHer story
  • Peter Devaney Jr. – Ex Sea Org , left in 1982
  • Bill Devlin – Resignation letter to COS. Name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
  • Tom DeVocht – Oversaw the church’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater
  • Ron (Hubbard) DeWolfe – Hubbard’s son. Executive Secretary. “Better than 90 percent of what my father has written about himself is untrue.” His story
  • Francis G. Diamond Clearwater Sun Article
  • Roberto Diaz ArgentinaVideo
  • Stace Dieckman – Former Albuquerque Org staff. His story
  • Anke Dievenkorn – Staff, Clear, Left after 10 years. Her story
  • Jim Dimcalci – Hubbard’s Medical Officer
  • Kima DouglasInterview
  • Jean-Paul Dubreuil – Wrote book: ‘Les Coulisses de la Scientologie’
  • Jeff Dubron Panorama Video
  • John Duignan – Ex Sea Org. Left after 20 years. Wrote: The Complex. YouTube Video
  • Eric Dumas De LaroqueVideo
  • Rich Dunning – Ex-Deputy to the Executive Director, CoS Buffalo. His story

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