This list represents literally thousands of years of Scientology experience. The individuals on it are as diverse as you can imagine, yet all share two things in common: they are no longer Scientologists, and they have spoken out about their experiences within Scientology.

Often critics of Scientology are characterized as lone detractors, or a very few bitter ex-members who have axes to grind. We have chosen to counter this PR line by simply presenting to you the facts. Who has left, and what is their story? We want you to be able to have access to this information, because we have often heard from former Scientologists that while in the Church, they never knew how many people had blown.

In order to respect the privacy of people who have left the Church of Scientology, this list is limited to those who have publically made statements about their experience. In court, in the media, and on the internet, the former Scientologists on this list have publically shared what they experienced and witnessed while in the Church, and why it is they have since left.